Pay after your travel with RET

The RET and the TLS (Trans Link System) have launched a new payment-system for the OV-chipcard in Rotterdam. The pilot version started on Monday the 3rd of March, and is only accessible in Rotterdam.

The system alters the OV-chipcard to a “key”, which opens doors to all kinds of public transport, without having to constantly load money on it. Customers will get a bill in the end of the month, that displays all the places one has traveled to with the card. A major benefit is when one forgets to check out, quick communication can then cancel the current trip, to avoid debts. It seems good for working class people or in general people with income, or parents can take over the bills of students, and they can monitor where their children are traveling.

The RET announced that in the future, other items like a phone, bankcard or barcode will be able to function as a “key” to travel. To make it even easier for customers to access public transport without any issues.

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