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September 2017
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Meet Us At The Crossroads


Welcome to the world of Crossroads Magazine. Before you start reading our stories, let us introduce
ourselves. We are a team of five young journalism students producing a lifestyle magazine
geared towards a younger generation between the ages of 18 and 29. Crossroads’ aim is to cover
a variety of topics such as news & current affairs, music and technology as well as having a clear focus
on relationships, since nearly everyone can relate to these issue.

We as an editorial team wantto share our personal experiences which is why this magazine consists of five of our personal
stories that are complemented with five more hand-picked articles written by guest authors.
Our first issue for 2016 is especiall dedicated to relationships & love. Since some of us are
exchange students, author Karen van Vliet gave a few thoughts to the drawbacks that a long
distance relationship may pertain, as you can read in the following pages. Jason Martel-Dye
gives insight to his very own definition of love which is then followed by an article from Brigit
van der Goes who thinks that WhatsApp might be the main cause for ruining relationships in the
Besides these articles mentioned above, we also want to entertain you with some lighter readings
which is why you can find a critical review of the Fallout video game saga from Pawel.

Webelieve that music is a topic to always be considered, so follow Gianluca on his written journey
about visionary music festivals. To provide our promised variety, current affairs & news are
also supplemented into our content. Following the recent terrorist events in Paris, Allegra
Mercedes brings some thoughts to paper on how praying is the wrong approach to tackle these

With these and other articles we hope to not only reach the inner-you, but also entertain and
motivate you. Enjoy you time on our personal crossroads!


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