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October 2017
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Dieren Bescheming: Bring Warmth to All Animals


Although in her late age, Jessie still enjoys her walk in the woods nearby her home, accompanied by her loving family. Even as an elderly lady, she leads a healthy and pleasant life with plenty of exercise in the yard every day. Her rich life experience enables her to live her day without encountering any trouble or inconvenience. Also she knows she can trust her caring family so well that she is fearless and satisfied while enjoying her late age. She has a companion during night on the ground floor since her aging body no longer allows her to climb up the stairs. She enjoy her life carefree and trust her two-legged family, resting safely in her sleeping mat after being given three half slices of sausage every evening. Jessie is a 16-year-old dog who found her new home with the aid of Dieren Bescheming, a Netherlands- based animal rescuing organization also known as Dutch Animal Protection Agency.


According to The Underground, founded in1864, Dieren Bescheming has a history longer than one hundred years in rescuing animals and fighting for animal welfares. Started from a regional organization in The Hague, it cooperated with several other local organization and finally became a national association, with 65 permanent employees and about 200,000 members dedicating themselves into animal welfares. Lots of efforts were made by Dieren Bescheming to secure animals’ rights. For example, the organization established Landelijke Inspectie Dienst, the National Animal Inspection Service, as well as worked diligent to influence a number of important laws about animals throughout the years. Dieren Bescheming also make great contribution to companion animals like rabbits, cats and dogs. According to statistics, among 25,000 stray dogs found in Netherlands every year, 70 percent will return to their owners, 90 percent of the rest will be adopted successfully. The rest, about 750 dogs, will stay in shelters temporarily waiting for new owners. Dieren Bescheming cooperates with about 85 shelters for stray animals all over the country, making sure they lead a proper life and helping them to find a new home.

Once being found on streets, dogs and cats will stay in the shelters for two weeks before they can go to a new owner. Animals can stay in the shelters as long as they need, but the final task of every shelter is to find a new home for all these temporary guests. When they are ready to find a new home, their photo will be posted on, a website of Dieren Bescheming that shows all stray animals waiting to be adopted. Along with photos, background information about the animals will be provided, from age, species to special notes such as whether they are suitable to get along with children or other pets. Moreover, a close observation describing the habits, health condition and personality of the animal comes along to make their information clearer for future owners.

On the other hand, people looking forward to welcome a new furry family member can check on the website. There are functions which make searching easier and quicker, and also make sure that all owner-to-be can find their perfect match. On the left side of the website you can see filters which help you to find the companion that suit you the best by selecting age, gender or health condition. By narrowing down the searching range people can find their ideal companions out of all the members in the shelter more quickly and efficiently. Once you find a cat or dog that may be your suitable companion, you can click on the little heart-shaped button on the right side to make a mark.

After a pet finds a new owner, an agreement is signed by the owner-to-be, and a permanent identification, such as a tattoo or a microchip, is placed on the pet. New owner also has to pay an adoption fee to make sure animals finding new home will not be abandoned again. Members from Dieren Bescheming will also keep track on the animal after they settle in new home to ensure their welfare.

With well-organized shelters and websites, along with efforts paid by official members, volunteers, donators and the government, Dieren Bescheming has helped tens of thousands of animals to find a new home, as well as lighting up people’s life with these heart-warming little friends. If you would like to help the animals, or just consider to have fluffy companions to warm up your life, join Dieren Bescheming and make all these little miracles happen every day.

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