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October 2017
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Influence Magazine

Influence Magazine

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Influence is a magazine that deals with all things lifestyle, health, current affairs, sports and food with a focus on men. Each edition, we look at society’s forces that have an impact on the modern day man. In the contemporary society a fast paced lifestyle is called for where rich business men are no longer at the top. Today, society calls for the all round influencers: en that are culturally developed, healthy, have a wide range of hobbies and are up to date on the world’s current issues.

It gives a unique perspective on these issues that usually are not presented in such a way in magazines that are specific to men. Topics that challenge the mainstream intrigue readers to think critically and spark interest to engage in changing their lives for the better. Furthermore, Influence covers current affairs and news in challenging ways as well. All in all, the magazine strives to relate to everything a 21st century man needs to know in this age.

Max Verstappen is one of the most promising talents in the formula One. What makes him go so fast around a track, and can he be the next world champion? Max has taken a different route to success, a real influencer.

We focus on the new generation of influencers. Men who care, men who believe in and future of equality and prosperity. Last but not least, men who enjoy their games, sports and food yet have a clear perspective on the future: awareness to work towards a better future. This edition, starts 2016 off with a fresh start. Together with Max Verstappen, we believe we can lead the game changers.

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