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October 2017
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The Christmas guide to relaxation

‘T is the season. It is the first day of December! The month of joyfulness, coziness, love, treats, hopefully a bit of snow, and… Christmas! The holiday that I personally look forward to the most and make the most of by getting into the X-mas spirit as soon as it turns December. However, with day-to-day obligations still keeping us busy and leaving us stressed, this can often be difficult. Therefore, I have compiled the perfect list of to-do’s, that are easy to fulfill, will definitely give you that Merry feeling from the first of December onwards, and are the perfect ending to a hard days’ of work. I like to call this list my ‘Christmas edition to relaxation’.


Advent fun
There is only one right way to start December, and that is with an Advent calendar… Or two, because a chocolate one cannot be missed! Everybody deserves an extra chocolate treat this month. However, there is another beautiful Advent calendar that I would like to share with you and is a nice addition to a paper one. It is an online one that can be downloaded and opened on either a computer or tablet. I have been buying one four years in a row. These Advent calendars are designed by Jacquie Lawson and her amazing team and this year’s creation is inspired by the Victorian period. Every day of the calendar features a, in this case Victorian-themed, animation, game, or other amusement. It may sound childish, but trust me, it is good fun for both young and old. Each time you open a new ‘door’, more of the scene is revealed, which keeps it very exciting. I like the animations in particular; they are simple but charming, and so calming as well. Especially since each one includes a classic Christmassy music tune. The Advent calendars are also a lovely early Christmas gift to send to your friends and family.


Christmas in video blogging form, that is what ‘Vlogmas’ stands for. Requirement: upload a video on YouTube each day of December up until the 24th. More and more content creators are participating each year, so it should not be a problem to find a person who’s vlogs you enjoy. I personally love watching Vlogmas, because, just like any television series, it is entertaining. On top of that, it gives you an insight into that person’s preparations and daily activities leading up to Christmas Eve, which is definitely a good inspiration source! A couple of my favorite YouTubers include Zoella (Zoe), Pointlessblogtv (Alfie), and Sprinkle of Chatter (Louise). O, and Casey Neistat. He is an amazing film-maker who makes very creative video’s all year round. If you do not really enjoy watching someone’s day-to-day life, then there are also numerous other types of Christmas video’s to be found on YouTube, which are there to give you idea’s and inspiration. Topics include Christmas gift (wrapping) ideas, baking and home decorations.


Tea treats
Ever wondered how Christmas tastes? Well, just try one of the many amazing Christmas teas out there and you will soon discover! Brands release the most delicious tea flavors this time of year. One of my favorite tea suppliers is Celestial Seasonings. Flavors include Candy Cane Lane, Nutcracker Sweet, and my favorite: Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride. And let me tell you, they all taste exactly like you would imagine them to taste judging by their funky names! Their packaging is so irresistibly cute as well and leaves me dreaming of a winter wonderland. The English Tea Shop release delicious seasonal flavors as well. Their Silent Night and Gingerbread Man Christmas teas are definitely worth trying. O, and all teas are naturally caffeine-free. So, good for your body, and perfect for making you all warm and sleepy before bed time.


Wacky woollies
Christmas jumpers: some people call them kitsch, I call them fun. And they are perfect for the cold weather outside. They come in all sorts, sizes and prices. Some of them are very funky with glitters, bright colors, sometimes even lights! If that is just a bit too crazy for you (which I can completely understand), then there are also some lovely, less-extravagant ones, that can be worn the whole winter round. Whichever one you fancy, they are all ideal to chill in. And if you are in a bad mood, they will make you feel happy as well. Including the people around you.


Blissful bathing
There are lots of cosmetic brands that bring out special, limited edition, products around Christmas time. Lush is one of those brands. They sell the most amazing bath bombs that have scents so delicious you have to stop yourself from taking a bite, and they often explode in the most amazing colors (sometimes even glitters!). A bath bomb to buy is definitely the Magic of Christmas. They also sell great lip scrubs and this year they have released a winter special called Santa’s Lip Scrub. Our lips deserve a bit of extra care in the winter months. The Body Shop also releases great December ranges that include all things lovely for your body.


Lastly, I would like to add that you should not forget to light some candles and put on some Christmas music. These are the last ingredients to the perfect ‘Chillmas’. Enjoy!

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