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October 2017
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Thuisbezorgd: making our lives easier since 2000

It is Friday evening. It is finally weekend and you can enjoy some free time! There is no school tomorrow, although you do have to go to your part time job maybe. Nevertheless, tonight you can do something fun. You invite some friends over and instead of going out, you decide to stay in and take it easy for a moment. It is the perfect night for some Netflix and chill. Everything seems to go well, but then all of the sudden you are facing a huge problem. There is no food in the house and everybody is really hungry! There are a few solutions to this. You can either go out, order something, and take it back home. You can go to the supermarket and prepare something yourself. But this will all take a lot of time and effort, and will ruin your night of staying in. Fortunately, there is a new solution! I am talking about the company Thuisbezorgd that saves us all in these hungry times.

Thuisbezorgd is a company that is specialized in online food ordering and home delivery. This basically means that you can order your food online through their website and it will be brought to the address that you would like to have it delivered. The company is now the market leader of online food ordering in The Netherlands with an impressive market share of 90%, and it is actually thanks to the development of technology that Thuisbezorgd was able to grow. But how did it become so big? For that, we have to go a little bit back to history.

CEO and founder of Thuisbezorgd Jitse Groen

The establishment of the company all started when the founder of Thuisbezorgd, Jitse Groen, was actually facing the same problem as the people above. So he came up with the idea to develop a website where you can order from delivery restaurants. After its launch in January 2000, the website increased substantially. This was due to a few reasons. The first reason is because of the development of technology, and mainly the internet itself. From 2000 and on, the Internet became much bigger and much faster, and increasingly more people were in the possession of devices allowing the use of the internet. At one point, the growth of technology allowed Thuisbezorgd to create an application for mobile phones, making it even easier for customers to order. Also the development of online payment played a role, such as portable pin machines and online banking. Technology, thus, played a big role in their growth. The second reason relates to the innovative aspect of the company. Never before an online food ordering website existed in The Netherlands, and once it did, it left a mark on society that would never go away. Never before has it been so easy to get readymade food to your home. If you look at the statistics, Thuisbezorgd has over a million orders per month, which shows that a lot of people acknowledge the advantages that the company is able to generate.

Ultimately, Thuisbezorgd is a Dutch company that we can be proud of. It is the perfect depiction of modern society as technology and efficiency forms the core of this company. Still, the company tries to improve itself. CEO Jitse Groen: “Our product is still not good enough. It is nice, and it is better than that of our competitors, but it is still not good enough.” As Thuisbezorgd forms the mediator between the customer and the delivery restaurant, they are convinced that there are still so many improvements to work on. Thuisbezorgd acknowledges certain problems that it faces every day. For example, the food delivery industry itself not being very profitable, the problem of receiving a lot of orders around the same time, and of course the problem of having a lot of competition. However, the company holds promises to solve these problems. Already, they try to keep increasing the amount of participating restaurants and, consequently, increasing the diversity of food. “It also lies in our product”, says Jitse Groen, “to be more accommodating. Because actually, we already know that you want to order a pizza today or that you eat sushi every Wednesday, but we are still bothering you with the same website. That is crazy. That is something we do bad in my opinion, so that is something that the company will be there to improve on and I think that in return it will make us bigger. ”

So if you are too lazy to buy food outside, just let it deliver! Experience the ease of Thuisbezorgd. Just order something and have it at your door approximately thirty minutes later. Do not stress when you have no food in your house or when you are too lazy to prepare anything, when you have the Thuisbezorgd application just on your phone. Readymade food is always there with you, you just have to get it delivered!


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