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October 2017
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Experience Real Hawaii at Oahu Beaches

Aloha, Paradise, and Pacific Ocean are only a few words that remind me of Oahu. In case that a question pops up in your mind, Aloha is a word that is used quite often in Hawaii. It can be used to greet, say goodbye and to phrase love. Let’s be honest here, you have probably thought about lying down under the shadow of palm trees, watching the hula dancers and drinking a Blue Hawaii cocktail on the beach. You are not the only one as Hawaii is and always has been a dream destination for travelers to visit, couples to get married, and so on. While we are approaching the end of 2015, it is the perfect time to get away! I assume that you are about to book your flight tickets for the holiday season. So type Oahu in a search engine this time to make sure that you will have the ultimate Hawaii experience. As you start packing your bags, let’s begin how real Hawaii can be experienced on Oahu beaches.

Waikiki beach is probably the only beach you have heard of and the most popular beach on Oahu located in a neighborhood of Honolulu. Considering the fact that your plane will land in Honolulu, Waikiki beach would be a convenient option to visit. However, keep the aim of experiencing a real Hawaiian life in your mind. Waikiki will not give you that as it is surrounded with resorts, extremely crowded and therefore not peaceful.

That is why you need to take the road to drive to the southeast of the island to find Hanauma Bay. You can also take a bus until the crater and walk in. Hanauma is a marine that has formed in a volcanic crater and created a natural pool. It is full of colorful various species that are waiting for the visitors to see them. After purchasing your ticket to enter, staff will take you to a small room to show an informative film about the marine. After you agree to be respectful against the residents of ocean, you are good to go and rent a snorkeling gear and mask to discover the wildlife. Do not say that you are not a scuba diving lover, it is one time precious experience that you can have and observe the turtles and many other creatures. Consider it again, otherwise you will regret that you skipped it.

Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve - A view from above Photographed by Elif Kahyaoglu

Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve 
Photographed by Elif Kahyaoglu

The second destination will leave your mouth open. Lanikai is ranked as one of the 10 best beaches in the world and definitely one of the reasons that the island is called paradise. While it may get little tricky to find its location by car and it is a bit long trip by bus. I highly recommend you to take the bus, as it is a part of the experience! You will have a chance to travel between the huge green mountains and next to the windward coast on your way to the white dream. Ask the driver where to get off not to miss the stop because there is no sign or anything for the Lanikai Beach. If you see some people holding crates of beer, there is a high chance that they are going to end up at Lanikai Beach. You should grab a couple of Kona Longboard Island Lager as well to taste the best local beer on the island.


Mokulua Islands
Photographed by Elif Kahyaoglu

What you should do when you get there other than enjoying the crystal blue ocean is finding the Kailua Beach Adventures where you can rent a kayak. There are two small islands sit off the coast and you can visit the larger one, which is called Moku Nui. The rental store is really close to the beach; anyone you ask would give you the directions.

Lanikai means ‘Heavenly Sea’ Photographed by Elif Kahyaoglu

Lanikai means ‘Heavenly Sea’
Photographed by Elif Kahyaoglu

Now time to visit the North part of the island, do not try to take a bus as it would take ages to get there. Sunset Beach is easy to find by car but before you drive there and settle down, stop by at Ted’s Bakery to treat yourself. Ted’s Bakery is located in the North Shore, it is a family owned shop and a phenomenon with its delicious pies for both locals and visitors since 1996. Go in there, grab a piece of Macadamia Nut Cream Pie and head for the Sunset Beach. As the name refers, the Sunset Beach is a great location to watch the sunset. It is also famous with gnarly waves, hence a popular destination particularly for the surfers. Moreover, the beach hosts The World Cup of Surfing that is the second step of the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing event every year. You should check their schedule to see whether you can catch the competitions, which would be a unique opportunity to watch the world’s best surfers showing off their skills riding waves in front of the stunning sunset!

Sunset at the Sunset Beach Photographed by Elif Kahyaoglu

Sunset at the Sunset Beach
Photographed by Elif Kahyaoglu

Hawaii has been awarded for years having countless splendid beaches and kept its reputation to be the dream destination for everybody to go on vacation. Island of Oahu is a good start to discover the Hawaiian Islands and experience the real Hawaiian culture. Here, stating the three unique beaches, you must keep in your mind that these are the best destinations on Oahu and you should absolutely make sure to visit each of them before leaving the island. So get ready with a pen and paper to make your checklist before you arrive; note to take pictures of marvelous marine creatures at Hanauma Bay, enjoy the white sands and kayaking trip of Lanikai and get ready for a breath-taking view of the sunset and the best surf event at Sunset Beach!

Aloha until next time,

Elif Kahyaoglu

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