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September 2017
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Top 6 drugstore products: Beauty: My favourite budget make-up products

12342550_10207499453140520_4527662604780096869_n By: Freya Swales


Everybody loves a good deal, especially when the products are actually of good quality. This especially applies to make-up. Some women are fortunate enough that they can afford Clinique or Bobby Brown, however most of us would rather go out for dinner occasionally than pay £49 on a liquid foundation. Just because drugstore brands have a reputation of being bad for your skin, or not being able to last the whole day, this does not mean there aren’t any secret products in every drugstore that every woman should own. So no worries, there are some budget products that are known to be just as satisfying as those from luxury brands. So anybody on a low cost budget who wants to treat themselves or a friend for Christmas or anybody who just wants to get a great bargain and still look dazzling. Here are my 6 favourite drugstore products that I use daily and need in my make-up collection at all times!


Starting off with L’Oreal Paris True Match Foundation only costing £16.99, this is a foundation that is also recommended by many beauty bloggers like Lauren Curtis or Zoella, and professional make-up artists. Personally this is my all time favourite make-up product, high-end or drugstore. The product gives a very natural look and has a super thin consistency so it does not feel like you are wearing a lot of make-up, which is important as you are wearing it all over your face. The coverage is perfect and it lasts the whole day. This foundation is a game-changer in my opinion and has set the bar high for any foundation on the market.

Next up is the KIKO Essential Bronzer Sienna Melange for the reasonable price of £15.90. I brought this product three years ago and I am still using the very same one. This is because the bronzer is humongous, filled with baked goodness! Not only does it smell like chocolate, it makes your cheekbones look fabulous. The bronzer feels very silky and gives every skin shade a natural bronzed glow. It is very pigmented but still very easy to blend. So if you are missing your summer glow this Christmas definitely put this one on your Santa’s list!

Now the lips, very important!! The Catrice Long-lasting Lip Pencil is the one to beat, because it is sold for the staggering price of £2.39. The lip liner comes in 12 different lovely shades. All colours are very pigmented and easy to apply, giving your lips a lasting matte effect. This lip pencil is also one of my adored drugstore products because it is known as the cheaper version of MAC’s lip pencils (which are very satisfying too). My favourite shade is Upper Brown Side, it reminds me of a kind of 90s inspired brown lip colour, which is very ‘hot’ right now. So thank you Catrice for giving the cheapskates under us the opportunity to have Kylie Jenner lips.

Following with the inexpensive Maybelline Fit Me Concealers costing £11.95. You can use them underneath your eyes or on any blemishes. They are great for women with dry skin, because the concealers are very hydrating. But there is more: they are genuinely comparable to the NARS creamy concealers. I mean if that isn’t a bargain I don’t know what is! The concealer can also be used as an eye shadow primer, and comes in a beautiful designed capsule. Certainly a product you will repurchase over and over again.

“I mean if that isn’t a bargain I don’t know what is!”

This next product is my holy grail. It costs £14.95; the only downfall of this product is that it is sold in the Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics store. Nevertheless, for that price it is most definitely worth going the extra mile to purchase the product. I am talking about the Lush Highlighter Feeling Younger Skin Tints. The packaging is simple and straightforward in true Lush style. The tub will last you at least several months, and can be applied without using any fancy brushes or sponges.

The product is extremely lightweight and melts into your skin, creating a seamless finished look that never feels heavy or cakey. This highlighter makes your cheekbones stand out, is great for contouring, and gives your skin a young dewy effect like all the models. And who doesn’t want to look like a Victoria Secret model?

Finishing with the Paris Brow Artist Genius Kit. This unmissable products costs £9.99. Brows recently have become a much talked about topic on social media. I have learned that the key is t o keep them as natural as possible. All eyebrow kits do just that, but they are all so expensive. So when this budget eyebrow kit came to my drugstore, I almost let out a squeal of excitement. There are more eyebrow kits for sale in drugstores, but this one does the trick. It is extremely compact and the packaging looks gorgeous and professional. It enables anybody to shape, style and set their eyebrows with the wax and powder whilst using the provided brush and tweezers. It comes in two shades and is ten times easier and better to use than using a brow pencil.

So there you have it, my 6 cherished drugstore products that I believe every woman should have in her make-up bag. These are products not only recommended by me, but by many beauty bloggers on YouTube. So if you, a friend or your mother is missing any of these products, go to your nearest drugstore and buy, buy, buy!

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