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October 2017
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How to Stay Warm Yet in Style This Winter

With a drop in the temperature in this time of the year, most women in the Netherlands are often too passive with what they are wearing on a daily basis. Neglecting your appearances is usually the case when it is practically freezing outside and all you want to wear is simply something warm, comfortable, and fuzzy. But do not let the depressing weather keep you from being in style and on point. While most of us out there experienced days where sweatpants are all we can manage to put on, all it takes is a little inspiration to get us fired up about clothes again.

Just like the infamous Bill Cunningham say “Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life”. Staying warm versus looking in-style should never be a choice. No more sacrifices should be made for your ears or legs in a freezing winter day just so you can pull-off your favorite outfit. I have rounded up eight of my favorite styling tricks to stay warm yet in style for this dreadful winter season. These ingenious style hacks will help you ditch the simple and boring winter wear behind in return for elegant winter outfit ideas while still keeping you from freezing out.

Knits over knits

With single-digit temperatures agitating most of the European countries especially the Netherlands, it is the perfect time to cozy up to your heaviest layers. During a bad winter day, all women need is to stay warm. A combination of double-layered knitwear will never hurt to try. A knitted turtleneck paired with an oversized knitted cardigan will simply make you into a bundle of joy. It is the perfect layers for an especially windy day.

Turtleneck + oversized sweatshirts

By the sound of it, this combination may seem like a recipe for a lack of elegance in your outfit. However, with the right pair of over-the knee boots and mini-skirt, the effect of this outfit will give you a simple and chic vibe yet cozy and warm. This double-layered outfit will not only give you the warmth you are longing for but also a subtle look for a typical winter day with a hint of elegance and classiness.

Blanket scarf

A chunky scarf will always be a good partner to your neck. The extra warmth provided by the blanket scarf is the reason why it is one of the biggest accessories trends during winter. Sometimes people may even have started using this kind of scarf since the dawn of fall season. Tuck it around your neck or throw it over your shoulder or let it hang down on your neck, there are numerous ways to style this scarf and change up the look entirely, either way you will be guaranteed for a cozy and comfortable look in those gloomy days.

Beanie under a brimmed hat

Do not let the Dutch wind discourage you from being stylish. It is understandable that you have given up all hope with your hair during the winter days especially when the winds will ruin your perfectly styled hair the second you step outside your door and that your only solution for an eternal bad hair day is a beanie. But we might have a solution for your eternal bad hair day here; a beanie and a brimmed hat. It can protect your head from cold, keep your hair from getting in your way at the same time, and the best part of it you can have the best of both worlds. All your fear of having your hat from flying away in the winter will soon vanish. Because by wearing a beanie tucked under a wide-brimmed hat will help keep everything snug, comfortable, and stylish.

Leather gloves

Winter season is probably the only appropriate occasion for women to take out their beloved gloves and use it. Unlike any other gloves, leather gloves do not only keep your fingers from freezing during an unpleasant winter day but also it gives an illusion on sophistication to the person who uses it. Throw a pair on every occasion from running errands to a dinner date because leather gloves will never be too formal or casual to use.

Socks over tights

Yes! You can always wear socks over tights in a dreary winter day. When some days require you to put aside your boots for a while, it is essential to cover as much legs as possible. Doubling up see-through tights with over-the-knee socks avoids your legs from feeling chills to the bone and totally freezing. In addition, styling those two with a pair of loafers shoes might add a little preppy vibe to your style. It is chic and conventional, yet warm.


If you are one of those daring women with the mentality of wearing skirt or short in the midst of a cold winter day, then your ultimate solution is to style them up with a pair of over-the-knee boots. Not only that it is a great way to keep your feet warm but also it gives a hint of sexiness in your overall looks. Pair it with a sheer tights underneath and you are good to go. Do not worry, pairing over-the-knee-boots with a simple jeans or a dress will also do the trick.

Thermal undergarments

Women these days have the same problem of wanting to put on many layers without looking like a ball. One of the subtlest ways of layering up without bulking up is to throw on a pair of thermal top and bottom. For those who are a big fan of wearing skinny jeans during winter, worry no more because these thermal undergarments are made ultra thin to the point that you will not feel suffocated when wearing it. Made from a special fabric to protect you against the bitterness of winter, thermal undergarments traps body heat to provide warmth for your body.

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