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October 2017
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Quit Your Job, Become a YouTuber

“If life’s worth living, it’s worth recording”

YouTube – website layout 2005 vs 2015

YouTube. The video-sharing website, you may know it. Set up in 2005 by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim, it is the third most visited website as of June 2015. In 2014 YouTube said that 300 hours of new videos were uploaded to the website every minute, three times more than in the year before.
Whether it’s a music video, a product review, a tutorial, a commercial or a video blog. YouTube’s your guy. YouTube has created a platform for people to not just upload, watch and share videos, but also to comment on these videos and create new friendships otherwise not possible.
Since its foundation there have been quite a few changes. One of which is that it was bought by Google Inc. in 2006 and now it is a subsidiary of Google. In 2010, the YouTube website launched a new design with the aim of simplifying things for its users and increasing the time spent on the site.
Another change is that now, so-called YouTubers can actually make YouTube their full-time job. Yes, you heard it right. Uploading home made videos as your full-time career. Doesn’t that sound amazing. Well hold your horses. Before you curse out your horrible boss and quit your job there are a few things to know. It’s not that easy to become a full-time YouTuber and you definitely should not be in it for the money.
First things first. Obviously you’re going to need a YouTube account so you can upload videos. You need to make videos. Ones that people would actually want to watch and share. Then you need to create a rather large “fan-base”, your subscribers. These people will get notifications when you upload a new video.
It doesn’t sound as fairytale-like anymore now does it?
Now by just uploading videos and having a large amount of subscribers you won’t just get rich. You don’t get money handed to you just like that. Most of the YouTubers that no longer have a job next to doing YouTube don’t earn their income by only uploading videos. They do brand deals with different companies and are part of the YouTube Partner Program. These brand deals can be for books, for food, for clothing, for anything really.
A company can send you a box with some of the things they sell or just an email and ask you to get your viewers to go to their website, buy one of their products, get a subscription to their service, whatever it may be. YouTubers basically give these companies a shout out in one of their videos. For example, they can have a discount code that people can use when buying a product of the company in question. This discount code usually has your channel name or something similar that distinguishes it is with your discount code these people bought something.

The Shaytards Family

You may have heard of them. The Shaytards. In case you haven’t, the Shaytards are known as YouTube’s first family. The Shaytards started out in 2008 uploading short videos in which Shay, the dad, would mostly be dressed in a unitard, hence the name Shaytards. The Shaytards started as a family of five: Shay, the dad. Colette “Katilette”, the mom, better known as Mommytard. And their three children, Sontard (Gavin), Princesstard (Avia) and Babytard (Emmi). Since then they had two more children, Rocktard (Brock) and Brotard (Daxton).
They upload video blogs to their YouTube channel and have been doing so for the past seven years. These video blogs, better known as vlogs, portray parts of their days just living life. The first day of school. Making dinner. Getting ready for church on Sundays. But they also have more intimate videos such as the birthvlogs of both Rocktard and Brotard, the two youngest children who have been living a sort of Truman Show in real life. Other big events like the Shaytards Christmas Special, which is always a favorite with their subscribers. The Shaytards channel has included videos of some of the kids’ firsts. The first steps of the two youngest boys taken. Their first word(s) or ‘phrases’, “Oh man!” for Rocktard.
Now you may think, how can a family of seven live off of the earnings they make by uploading a couple of YouTube videos every week? As said before, they do not earn all their money by just uploading videos. For on e, they include brand deals in their videos. Short clips of them promoting a product they enjoy using themselves.

Shaytards 6th year anniversary poster

The two most popular brand deals the Shaytards have been doing are with Nature Box and
Thanks to YouTube and the success they have been having with it, they actually have multiple different channels. Personal ones such as “Katilette” and “ShayCarl”, but also channels focused on one aspect of their life such as Shay’s “ShayLoss” channel following him in his journey of losing weight and staying healthy and fit. Colette is also part-time in videos for the “The Moms View” channel discussing all aspects of motherhood.
Next to all these channels, Shay co-founded the company “Maker Studios” which they sold for $500 million to Disney in 2014. Now Shay has, with his friends and siblings, founded the clothing company “Trixin Clothing” selling clothes online, but also in their store in Idaho.
Thanks to YouTube Shay and Colette are able to make videos and work with their family and friends as they wish to rather than working under someone at a 9-to-5 job. Having YouTube as their full-time job has also enabled them to spend as much time with their kids as possible while still earning enough money to be able to live without worry about if they can pay this month’s bills.

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