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October 2017
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Why is the weekly Chips party at BAR a place to be in Rotterdam on a Thursday night?

Why is the weekly Chips party at BAR a place to be in Rotterdam on a Thursday night?

In the latest ranking of Lonely Planet, Rotterdam was ranked on the 5th best place to travel to in 2016. Rotterdam is the second biggest city in the Netherlands and it amazes everyone with its postmodern and contemporary architecture, cultural heritage and the famous skyline. After living in this amazing city for more than a year now, I am proud to say that the night life of Rotterdam is also spectacularly outstanding. There is a wide range of night bars and clubs and I have learned that the weekly Chips party at BAR is the place to be on Thursday night for locals, students, internationals, tourists, artists, literally everyone is there. Why is BAR such a hotspot for creative minds? Let’s have a look on the history of the place and discover why you do not want to miss it when you are in Rotterdam!

BAR is located at Schiekade 201, only 200m away from Central Station, in a multi-purpose building for the creative industry and is surrounded by other nightclubs like the newly opened Annabel and Transportbedrijf. It is really special because all three places have a common urban yard, which turns into the most popular Beer garden during the summer months. Note: they even have a hot tube where you can casually refresh yourself in the middle of the night while having a beer and enjoying the music. Moreover, it is located right next to the Luchtsingel Bridge that connects the place with the nearby hotspots running in the close neighbourhood (like Bird).

BAR was created in 2011 as a unique concept of a travelling bar that aims to bring livelihood into forgotten urban areas and its second goal is to rediscover the city’s (night) life. It is the only concept of its kind in Rotterdam. BAR is open 4 days a week, organises parties, concerts, festivals and different sorts of creative events. On top of that it collaborates with Streetfood and serves delicious American street food and diner what also makes it special in comparison with other night clubs. It is the only place in Rotterdam where you can get juicy burgers and proper fries in the middle of the night what was highlighted by Sebastian (22, Rotterdam) who is a musician from Friends of the Family: “The best thing about BAR is the fact that you can order chips at 5am. I come here every Thursday because I love Chips! Both the party and the fries.”  This might be slightly dangerous if you are on a diet but it is definitely worth it, especially if you have been shaking your hips to the vibes of the music for the past three hours.

BAR organises many parties every week but the regular party Chips on Thursday, attracts the biggest audience. If you attend the event on Facebook, you are automatically put on the guest list and you can get in for free until 00.30. That results in a huge line that accumulates at the door around 23.30 already because all the students want to avoid the entrance fee. This line might put you off in the first place, but do not get fooled to quickly! It moves very fast and it is a great opportunity to make new friends while waiting in the line. Been there, done that and I guarantee you, it is loads of fun!

On the Thursday, 26th of November, I visited Chips and I have gained some insights from the guests on what they really think of the party. Merle (22, Berlin) who studies Communication and Media at Erasmus University described Chips as: „Chips is like a social gathering place- you always bump into people you know without making an appointment to see each other. It is also so easy to start a conversation with a stranger, everyone is so open and friendly, I love it!”.  At first, Merle got disappointed with the music a lot since it was mainly Hip-hop and R&B but since September the second area of BAR was open and convinced her to Chips even more. Two levels of BAR are very special. The main floor upstairs is for Hip-hop and R&B lovers and the newly open area downstairs in the basement is a platform for young, local and upcoming Djs to hypnotize the audience with their electronic vibes. Lieve (20, Eindhoven) from Willem De Koning Academie loves Chips and BAR because in her opinion: “it is not as mainstream as other places in Rotterdam and people are more authentic, no one is trying to be someone they are not”.

To sum up, Chips creates an opportunity for as much locals as tourists and internationals to connect together in a fun and a remarkable way. It caters to diverse music tastes and gives an opportunity for everyone to find something they like. For the visitors it feels very genuine that the focus of everyone is to have fun together and enjoy the music. So if you have never visited BAR yet, do not hesitate, take your friends and go to have some splendid time!

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