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October 2017
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Blood, Sweat and Tears: The Bikini Body Guide Journey


Kayla Itsines is an international health guru, who has transformed the lives of many women, including mine. Starting off as a personal trainer, she quickly gained recognition and success with her Bikini Body Guides, which consists of a 12-week exercise plan of 28-minute workouts. The workouts differ per week and are meant to strengthen different areas of the body such as arms, abs, legs and cardio. At first, I wasn’t sure about the effectiveness of the workouts simply because previous exercise plans never really worked for me. But after I saw the different transformations on her account, I was highly motivated to become healthier, leaner and stronger. I decided to join the BBG community and share my experiences with the Bikini Body Guide 1.0 and its effectiveness.


The Highs and Lows

When you begin the Bikini Body Guide 1.0, the most important thing is to set your mind to it. To be honest, it took me several tries until I was finally committed to the transformation. That’s why it’s vital to find the perfect moment to begin the journey. I officially began during the winter, where I knew I would have that lean bikini body right before summer. I planned a summer vacation to Ibiza with my friends where our only priorities were laying in the sun, swimming in the sea, and eating lots of Spanish food! As I had something to look forward to, I was ready to begin as soon as possible.

Before I dive into my process, I’m not going to lie: it was intense. The first few weeks are always the hardest to get into because you start to question whether the guides are actually worth it. In week 1, I remember feeling nothing else but sore. I took my first progress picture with my body aching and sweating, and my face blood red! I only got through the first week because I had a workout buddy who motivated me to push my limits. I was lucky enough to have my roommate as my workout buddy! This was so effortless seeing as we already lived together and always found the time to workout.

After the first week, nothing really changed. The workouts focus on training different muscles every day, which left me sore for a while. I also kept comparing my progress pictures and didn’t notice any progress in the first three weeks. And although the workouts are only 28 minutes, it feels like forever! But once those 28 minutes are over, you feel really strong and accomplished.

As the weeks went by, I finally started seeing progress. Halfway through the guide, I began to feel stronger after each workout and was left feeling energized. Eventually, the workout I did in Week 2 was so much easier when I had to repeat it in Week 4. This is such a great feeling because it makes the journey much easier and so worthwhile! Just like everyone else, I had some not-so-great days. Sometimes I was too busy or didn’t feel like going to the gym for an entire week or two, but once I did, I jumped right back into it. After a while, working out became an addiction –a much healthier one compared to my chocolate addiction.

Upon completing Kayla’s Bikini Body Guide 1.0, I knew my journey wasn’t over. The workouts aren’t a quick fix that will immediately make you fitter and healthier – it’s a continuous cycle. Even now, I still use both her Bikini Body Guides again and again. I noticed the first time around that you can’t just immediately stop working out afterwards and go back to your previous lifestyle – you have to maintain a fit routine long after the guide is over. That being said, I did go back to unhealthy habits, which put all my progress and results to waste. So it’s important to keep pushing yourself, remain positive and to be patient, because progress comes slowly.

So, was the journey worthwhile? The experience differs per person of course. I have noticed many different motivations for joining the BBG community: many women wanted to lose weight while others just wanted to become stronger. I lost a total of 6 kilos in the process. This may not seem like much but the difference is unreal. Not only do I feel stronger and fitter but also much more confident! I would definitely recommend the guides for anyone who is up for a challenge and wants to see real results. As both guides cost $120 altogether, I can honestly say it was worth it.


Suggestions for an Easier Journey

Progress pictures

Make progress pictures before, during and after the 12 weeks. You might think that your results will not show, but trust me, they will! Seeing my progress along the way was shocking. You start to notice what areas of your body are becoming more toned and lean, which restored my confidence.

Cheat meals

It is okay to have cheat meals! I speak from experience that a cheat meal here and there will not make you instantly unhealthy, just like working out once or twice will not make you instantly healthy. I try to indulge at least twice a month with something I truly crave or just want – mainly chocolate for me. Your body does need it but it is still vital to find that balance.

Modify your workouts

I have heard so many BBG women say to stick to the workouts and do exactly what Kayla says. I am here to tell you the opposite: modify them. Like others, I noticed throughout my journey that I didn’t have the necessary equipment and had some physical limitations that prevented me from doing certain exercises. I decided to replace some workouts with alternatives that were equally as hard and produce the same results.

Work out with a friend

The workouts are intense and sometimes no fun at all. Having a workout buddy will make the journey less boring and easier as you motivate each other. I got to share the journey with my roommate who already followed Kayla’s guides and was just as determined. So whether it be your roommate, friend or even strangers doing the same guides, it is much more fun doing it together than having to go through the journey alone.

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