TransLink Systems announces new OV-chipcard system

We are all too familiar with buying, putting cash on, and checking in with our OV-chipcards in order to enter public transport. But the OV-chipcard as you know it is about to change: within a few years, your current OV-chipcard will be outdated and we will all be able to check in with our smartphones or bankcards. TransLink Systems, publisher of the OV-chipcard, is going to improve our current OV-system in just a few simple steps:

First, a different kind of paying system will be implemented, allowing for travelers to, instead of paying beforehand, pay a bill at the end of the month. Instead of just one, travelers will now be able to connect up to six OV-chipcards to a single bank account. More services, like the OV-bike, will be made accessible with this new system. And finally, travelers will be able to check in simply by using their bankcard or smartphone, thus eliminating the necessity to purchase an OV-chipcard.

To realize all of this, TransLink Systems will implement a trial-period of this new way of travelling in Rotterdam this year. A new way of travelling awaits, and it will benefit us all.


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