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October 2017
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A Skinny Fox Detox Journey: Worth It?


Skinny Fox Detox is a leading brand of cleansing tea detoxes which promotes weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. The brand has been a hit or miss with girls in the past, where some say that the gentle laxative the product contains is wrong for the cleanse. I decided to commit to the 28 day detox to let fit girls know more about the journey – is Skinny Fox Detox as good as they say?


As a 19 year old student based in Rotterdam, I am constantly looking for ways to stay in shape whilst balancing a busy work schedule. I gym when I can (which is rarely) and I diet when I can afford it (which is rarer). So when the popular trend of tea detoxing hit my Instagram feed, I was excited to try it out. I found Skinny Fox Detox through a health-conscious Instagram account, and I was immediately taken by its beautiful packaging and down to earth message. The 28 day Total Body Reboot detox aims to boost metabolism, curb sugar cravings, and help with a lack of energy – what’s not to love, right?

The detox consists of two teas: one everyday morning tea which kick-starts your body, and one every-other-day evening tea which contains a gentle laxative to slowly rid your body of toxins. The goal of the detox is to feel more energized and follow a healthy routine alongside it. This means sweating for at least 30 minutes every day (do stairs count?) and eating well. Sweating is meant to help rid your body of toxins even faster, as well as obviously aid the process of weight loss. What I found really interesting was that nowhere on the website or packaging does it mention losing weight, but that’s quite a large component to their product as a whole. Their Instagram account boasts several transformation pictures of girls before and after their detox, and it’s clear that the aim is to lose bloating and fat around the waist area.

So – why am I doing this? It’s quite simple really: I want to lose weight in a healthy way that doesn’t force me to completely alter my daily routine. As a creature of habit, workout plans and diets don’t always stick. I drink tea everyday anyways, so why not drink Skinny Fox Detox as well?

Throughout my 28 day detox, I documented my successes, my failures, and my impressions of the tea itself. If you’re unsure whether tea detoxing is for you, this article will hopefully help you know whether or not Skinny Fox Detox is the right choice.


Day 1 – The Journey Begins…

The morning tea comes in a loose-leaf format. Alright, that’s fine with me – I prefer tea bags, but I’m not starting this detox with a bad attitude. In fact, I’m very optimistic. It’s definitely not hard to drink; a little bitter, but overall I expected a lot worse. So far, it’s smooth sailing. Also, I’m tackling my 30 minute sweat requirement with a High Intensity Interval Training process that I found online. Go me!

The night tea is called Goodbye Cherry Pie, and includes a gentle laxative. This is the part that I was unsure of… how gentle is ‘gentle’? This time, the tea is included in a bag which is perfect for those used to them like myself. And as for the taste – delicious! It reminds me of Christmas, with its spicy aroma and cinnamon vibe. It’s very comforting to sip on this tea while curled up in bed. But a word of warning: before the comfort came the serious hesitation, because this tea does have a few conditions that need to be met first. I spent a long time going over their website and the brochure they included before drinking it.

Overall, though, I’m happy with my first day. It’s really motivating to think about the end result, and I’m not finding it difficult to keep up with my new routine.


Day 14 – Halfway There…

At this point, the tea has been smoothly integrated into my routine. The workouts are still there too, but their inclusion is still rocky. As a novice gym-goer, it takes more than two weeks to go from working out once in a blue moon, to full-speed ahead workouts every day. I’m losing the buzz of energy I had last week, and I think it’s my body catching up to the stress of working out non-stop. I get why the sweat element is there, but I’m going to take it down a notch and workout every other day from now on.

Also: no, the ‘gentle’ laxative was not an issue at all. No stomach aches, no problem. While it worried me at first, it really is so gentle that you don’t notice it much.


Day 28 – The Journey Ends…

In a month, I lost 8 pounds. This last week alone I lost 5, which is impressive considering how little I changed to my routine. I secretly wish that this detox could be year round. I’ve found it a lot easier to stay focused on school throughout the day, and my happiness is at an all time high. I was really sceptical coming into this detox, but I came out the other end feeling positive and energetic.


Verdict: Thumbs up or down?

Every girl is different, and for some, Skinny Fox Detox is not the best fit. Because of its laxative element, it becomes difficult to take contraceptives every morning, and that’s a huge factor that everyone should consider first. For me, it wasn’t an issue because I take mine before bed. That being said, this detox definitely worked for me. I started out following the recommendations exactly, but as time progressed, I became comfortable enough with the product to make alterations which suited my body and schedule. I give Skinny Fox Detox a big thumbs up, and I recommend it to any fit girl looking for a healthy way to aid her weight loss efforts. Tea detoxing is a great way to keep your workouts and healthy eating motivated, and I saw results that have given me the confidence to keep at it.

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