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October 2017
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Booktube: Why you should follow Youtube’s most friendly bookish community

The next time you’re thinking about checking your Facebook for the fifth time today, why not pick up a book instead? You might not believe it, but books are still very popular, and so is Youtube. The combination of the two, Booktube, is even cooler. On this friendly corner of the internet, fanatic readers share their opinions and thoughts about the latest books that they’ve read. Not only do they discuss books, they also film tag videos, monthly reading wrap ups, to be read books, and bookshelf tours.

Being surrounded by technology can really decrease our interest in books. Many people agree that it’s easier to just watch a 90 minute film instead of reading a 400 page book. However, combining technology with books is a very smart aspect of Booktube. Coming across a random video on Booktube can instantly make you feel a bit more attracted to books, because that’s what it did to me. Booktube made me remember that I actually really love reading. Many people agree with the fact that reading is actually such an important part of life, even though many people might not want to see it that way. “I consider reading to be incredibly important to the very act of being human. The whole point of being human and having a consciousness is to communicate with others, and being able to understand language, especially in written form, is essential” said Kailey from BooksforMks. Of course, this is a very opinionated statement, but other book lovers also have a more lighter view on the importance of reading; “I think reading is very important, because some books can just make you stop and look at the world as it is” argued BookwurmPanda. I personally think that Booktube really is the place to inspire more young and old people to read books.

Of course, reading isn’t loved by everyone, but if you do like to read, then I really recommend you take a look at this friendly community and share your opinions and thought about the books that you’ve read. After following many booktubers, including Sanne from BooksandQuills and Jen from JenCampbell, for many years myself, I decided to start my own Booktube channel, Britt Reads, because I wanted to become part of this amazing community, and I wanted to share my own opinions as well. Many of my Booktube friends had the same thought about starting their own channels. “I wanted to talk and make friends with other people who also love books and reading” said Krista from ThePrincessOfReading. Teddy from readTeddytalk explained that she started a Booktube channel because “it’s a huge community and it’s growing more and more every single day. Let’s say every person puts up a video once a week. It’s the greatest platform to express your love for books because others are here to hear you out and support you!”. Getting the kind of support that you get on Booktube is an indescribable feeling. It’s amazing to be able to express your thoughts about something that you’re passionate about. If you love reading and want to share some of your thoughts, then Booktube is the place for you! Having a Booktube channel is absolutely not necessary, because more than enough people like to just watch the videos and comment below videos to argue about the books, without having a channel themselves. That is another fun aspect of Booktube; everyone can get involved.

Contrary to all this support and love is one of the biggest aspects of YouTube: hate comments. Hate comments are rude and nasty comments posted below videos.  Most of the time, these comments add no value to the video whatsoever, and they are just there to annoy the video maker. However, the interesting thing about Booktube is that hate comments are rarely posted below videos. Is Booktube really the friendliest community on YouTube? Many Booktubers do think so. This is another reason that Booktube is a fun place to spend some time!  “I can’t get over how lovely everyone on Booktube is. People genuinely take the time to comment and get involved with conversations and it’s so much fun! Also, whenever someone has disagreed with my opinion on a book, they’re never nasty about it, just intrigued or understanding”, said Kate from GirlReading. This really shows the kindness of the people involved in Booktube, which is something that is so different about Booktube in comparison to many other communities on YouTube.

So, are you convinced yet? Just pick up a book, even though you think that you won’t enjoy reading. People can change, as well as their interests. Booktube also helped me to remember myself that I am very passionate about reading, and I’m so glad that Booktube was able to do that. And if, in the end, reading still isn’t for you, there are always more than enough funny cat videos to be found on YouTube.

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