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October 2017
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Cocktail bar “Noah”: Rotterdam’s secret oasis of cocktails

Feature by Zygimantas Valiulis (410889)11407127_984981421525471_7901665827767270336_n

“Noah” is a fairly new bar, it opened only seven months ago. However, it has already made its impression on Rotterdam’s party and cocktail enthusiasts. The place is no less than a buzzing hotspot on the weekends with clients from all around Rotterdam.

From the distance, a cozy looking place in Oude Haven port draws no attention. Coming closer, a big metal sign on the wall – an anchor, with the letters spelling out “NOAH”, gives clients the first impression of wanderlust and adventure. Once they enter inside, they are blown away by the smells of various different ingredients the bartenders have at their disposal. It immediately gives the unsuspecting guests an experience they never had before in a cocktail bar. Certainly, “Noah” is different, but how and why? So, what’s so special, anyway?




How are cocktails different?

For most bars, it is really hard to draw the pnoah lampsublic in the first year of business, but “Noah” has been able to do it. The answer might lie within its two owners – Hani and Erickson. I had the pleasure to talk with two gentlemen on the topic, and they disclosed what their vision was and how they came up with this successful concepts. Without hesitation, they both explained that the priority and special emphasis is put on the cocktail quality and variety of ingredients. So what makes it so special? First, the dear reader must understand, that most of the cocktail places use soda guns and juices from supermarkets and about the only thing fresh in their cocktails is a wedge of lime or citron. However, Noah’s cocktails are “made with tradition going back to 1920’s, way before soda guns and almost factory like process of making a cocktail” – as Hani pointed out. Only homemade purees are used (usually same day as served) instead of supermarket juices, which gives the cocktails authentic taste and texture. The variety is also astounding in Noah’s menu. The back bar in total has around 110 different spices and purees for properly crafted cocktail. In addition, the selection of alcohol is also bewildering. 16 different types of tequila, 17 different types of rum, at least 15 types of gin and the list goes on. The place almost feels like museum of alcohol and mixology that every alcohol lover should experience sooner rather than later!





And how’s the general vibe?

Noah is not a posh place, maybe not even the best place for business meetings. But it has a style – rich wood interior gives an impression and a homey feeling, but warily planooah1ced ambient lights also give out a hip vibe. When a person enters the place, he or she is inevitably passing the bar area, where the owners Hani and Erikson will welcome them personally and ask what would they like for a drink. A really hospitable feeling at all times, which, in my opinion, is only possible when the owners are actually working themselves. “We want to create a hospitable environment, that guests would like to come back to” – says Erikson.




What about parties?   

In addition, once a month Noah hosts as one of the owners described it “the craziest horeca party there ever was”. Monday night the place fills up with 300+ staff from all the bars in Rotterdam. The Noah staff parties with the guests (who are actually colleagues from another bars) and at some point the friend colleagues go behind the bar to serve other guests. It is really wild, it is really fun – check it out! The party usually starts first Monday of the month at 23:00 and ends around 6 in the morning with many happy drunk faces.Saturdays at “Noah” is probably the most hectic nights of the week. The bar has two resident DJ’s that give RnB, Hip-hop and Rap most space in their playlists. Around 01:00 the tables from a fairly small dancing area are removed and the dancing begins. The place is pretty intimate when compared to big clubs and will not be the wildest party you will ever have, however, if you are looking to go out with your friends, drink some cocktails and dance a bit without dancefloorgoing full crazy, Noah is probably your best bet in the Netherlands.

Tuesdays at Noah are dedicated to international student party called The Ark. With not so many places to go during the weekdays, the Erasmus University students has grown to like the authenticity of the place and the wild parties that go on there until the dawn. It’s clear, that going to party at Noah is more social and completely different experience that you would get in a dance club!


Still not convinced?

Noah is indeed a special, one of a kind cocktail bar in the Netherlands. With this much attention to authenticity of the cocktails and a friendly staff with special care to the customers, it is no surprise that Noah got into top-5 Cocktail bar in the Netherlands list. For people who like cocktails and urban music, this is definitely the place to go. Even if you are not alcohol type of person, Noah has some delicious selection of virgin cocktails and Tiki cocktails that will take you straight to Caribbean Sea beach.

To sum up, if you have never been to Noah, and you are looking for some bar to go, you should really consider this oasis of cocktails right here in our city.

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