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October 2017
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Because: ‘All refugees should just go home’

In today’s western world everyone has freedom of speech and most people also have the ability to share their opinion online with hundreds/thousands of others. However without thinking of spreading a well based opinion that actually displays a point, many people think it is their job to speak freely about certain subjects. Subjects of which they do not even know half of the story, but on which they still think it is necessary to share their short-sighted opinions.

I want to devote this feature to the people that spread their short-sighted opinions on the current refugee crisis coming from Syria. We must have all seen them coming along in our Facebook timelines, messages of scared people that are of the opinion that ‘the refugees should just go home’. The people who follow the pro-Geert Wilders and pro-PVV Facebook pages. A political party as PVV displays populist views and buzz-creating statements, however they sometimes do have a point. When looking a bit further you can find the reactions of the support on Facebook. This is where the PVV has reached their goal, at the point where the support starts making assumptions and statements based on PVV written articles, however the statements are taken out of context, populist and come from people that seem afraid and unknowing. They seem afraid of refugees coming here, afraid of their own (social) security, afraid there will not be enough for us  because these people ‘come into our country and live of our money’. Regardless of the fact that the refugees come from a warzone they want them out, they want to shove the problems away from their own cities or to go home.

First: A kind of Facebook page not to let out is the “No to asylum seekers center”(ASC) page, of which we can almost count one per city in the Netherlands. This may be one of the funniest kinds of pages there is, because of their argumentation. Certain remarkable comments were made about ASC’s such as: “To be clear this Facebook page is not racist, I allow these people to seek asylum in the Netherlands, just not here, not in my city.” The producer of this page clearly has a confusing opinion saying that she wants people to be helped, however please help them as far away from her as possible.

In addition, the perfect example of the scared unknowing type, which many of you must have seen, is a video of an interview with a woman on the marketplace. This woman claims that the refugees will take our jobs. She has a 21 year old son who is unemployed and states that all refugees will get a job within four months. “Is that true?” the interviewer asked, to which she responded: “yes, I read it on Facebook”. These are the kind of people that truly annoy me, they believe every assumption or statement and use it to justify their opinion of wanting the refugees out.

vluchtelingen afbeelding

Then there’s the people that unjustly denigrate refugees on  Facebook sharing these kinds of images. A photo that coincidently only contains male refugees claiming that they are all cowards. Well, I found the source of the bottom photo. This is a screenshot of a short clip provided by CBC news in which families are reunited at the central station in Munich. The mere purpose of sharing this photo is to put refugees in a bad light. People want to portray the refugees as cowards to gain support for their views. The one and only thing I would like to ask these social media warriors is: What would you do if a bomb drops in your street? Most would flee of course, however in the Netherlands we have the ability to join an organized and well-structured army. Which Syria lacks. So to all the tough guys spreading around such memes and pictures, please think once or twice before spreading nonsense.

Furthermore, I have come across many more dumb statements on the internet. People that derive conclusions from ridiculous arguments, lacking the intelligence to come up with a profound reasoning or any form of content. An article about an incident involving a drunk refugee assaulting an asylum seekers center’s guard in the Netherlands is used by many of the populist anti-refugee supporters as propaganda. Only one incident and social media explodes, while probably that exact same night many drunk Dutch people got into fights. However, because it was a refugee it most probably scares people, they lose their feeling of safety. Based on this incident people start logging onto Facebook again telling the world that all refugees should get out. I would rather deport these people than the majority of refugees. I am not trying to convince people that the crisis does not bring problems I am just trying to remind extreme right winged citizens to have some sense.  They should show some empathy and think a bit before starting an online demonstration, rambling on and on about why “all refugees should just go home”.

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