No Book gift at Polare this year

ROTTERDAM -The bookweekgift will not be available in the bookstores of Polare this year, as the company did not have the money for it due to the recent financial issues. The 20 stores that are currently owned by Polare are still open, but merely to get rid of the remaining stock. The stores are open to the public again for the first time in three weeks, the CEO of Polare announced that the stores themselves are up for sale, and Polare will not continue their business.
Polare originates from a collaboration between the bookstore  Selexyz and De Slegte. The company, that also own 8 stores in Belgium, has over 400 employees and is responsible for about 10% of the book sales in the Netherlands.
With a debt of over 21 million euros, Polare has had some rough times, which got even worse in February when the negotiations with the bank and the supplier failed, leaving Polare with no other choice than to declare bankruptcy. It is an incredible shame that Polare will no longer exist, as they had a lot of loyal customers. The Polare store in Rotterdam started a petition to help built funds, as a few employees would like to take it upon themselves to keep this bookstore going. The Polare Report takes a close look at what is happening in Polare Rotterdam.

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