Ootzelijk Zwembad’s Comeback

The Ootzelijk swimming pool is located in the heart of Gerdiasaweg and recently underwent some serious remodeling. To my surprise, this swimming pool, which measures 25 meters, resembles a small-scale Olympic pool. It opens its door to people of any age and offers many classes that can be followed through a schedule. Some of these courses include Aquajogging, Water Polo, BBB, Bootcamp training, among a few others. A few hours a day, the pool closes its doors and becomes of private usage to the many primary schools around the area.  By remodeling the infrastructure, the Ootzelijk Swimming Pool was proud to announce that their almost-100-year-old establishment had been reborn and brought back to its original glory. On a quick summary of the extensive work that went into remodeling, the main internal filtering machine has been replaced, the changing rooms expanded, and all metal fences surrounded the pool were changed. All in all, this establishment holds high hopes that this will bring forth good things for the future.

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