H&M Studio collection coming soon

H&M is one of the most popular high street clothing chains in the world. With other 3000 stores in more than 50 different countries, it is fair to say that H&M has become a vast brand. A lot has changed since the first store opened its doors, over 60 years ago, in a small city in Sweden. Back then, H&M only sold female garments, whereas today, H&M’s assortment also includes clothing for men and children as well as decorative objects for the home. Among the most succesful collections of all times are H&M’s annual designer collaborations. Women who want to wear pretty clothing that is in accordance with the latest trends will always find something at H&M. Especially now H&M has launched their exclusive Studio Collection: a line that consists of several key pieces for the season. The collection was launched during Paris Fashion Week and was well-received by big names from the fashion industry. However, the Studio Collection is not only interesting to those with a six-number income: in fact, this collection too was created from the foundation underlying H&M’s business, being that everyone should be able to wear fashionable clothes that are affordable. The studio collection will be in stores in fall 2014 – and we at H&M cannot wait!

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