The return of the LP

The vinyl record, commonly referred to as LP (long-play), was introduced in 1948 and quickly became the standard of the entire record industry. Repeatedly challenged through the years by tapes, compact disks, digital files, and streaming, the LP is said to be on the decline, despite popular belief that it is still the best music carrier. However, throughout the world, especially in the US, the popularity seems to grow significantly, with LP sales higher than ever before. Where in 2007 less than one million vinyl were sold, in 2013 that number skyrockets to more than six million copies.

When dealing with this information, one could say there is a definite comeback of the LP. The question remains: how does it manifest itself in The Netherlands, especially in Rotterdam? We are interested to find out what is the case in The Netherlands – has LP lost its appeal to Dutch people? Let’s find out.

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