Interview With Georgia’s Former Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development Vera Kobalia

For my fictional radio program “The talks” (for my radio feature assignment), I interviewed Georgia’s former Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development Vera Kobalia. Vera was appointed as a minister at quite young age 28 in 2010 and ever since has been scrutinized for that very factor, however even the harshest critiques can not deny her professional achievements and her input to the society. For which, she was named as a global leader by “World Economic Forum”, that was held in Geneve. She is the only Georgian politician who has won this award.

In this interview we talked about her initial fears and concerns prior to agreeing taking this position, How she dealt with negativity and skepticism by media, how women who hold high governmental positions are very often much more scrutinized by society,than men and also a bit abut her personal life. By the end of the interview she gave some tips to young people who aim to acquire leading positions in governmental structures.

p.s: I’d like to note that she is as nice, and elegant in person, as she looks on this photo 🙂

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