Explore Rotterdam with the new Food Card

International Students Rotterdam (also, “Your International Family”) is an organisation founded in 2011 in order to make international students feel at home. Its goal is to help internationals integrate into Dutch society and also help them settle down in Rotterdam. As a means of helping internationals,  ISR came up with a new idea – the Food Card, which will be launched on the 1st of September, 2014.

With the food card, for certain amount of money, international students will be able to eat at various restaurants in the entire city of Rotterdam with a discount. Every day of the week, ISR will offer a different restaurant one can eat at and this way explore Rotterdam through its stomach. Food card is going to act as an ISR value-adding product aiming at both offering internationals an affordable meal every day of the week and also showing them unknown restaurants in Rotterdam.

Currently ISR is working on the partnerships with local restaurants that best fit the needs of the future owners of the food card, which will be launched in September this year.

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