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October 2017
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New Erasmus Campus: International students are taking chances to get part-time jobs


Looking for a part-time job in Rotterdam has always been a struggle for international students. Restriction on the allowed number of working hour and language barrier often discourage international students from approaching potential opportunities. However, since 2013, with the opening of renovated sport building, brand new housing U-building, the Paviljon, Food court Plaza and Spa supermarket on Erasmus Campus, there has been a brightly increasing number of available jobs and employments for International students. Since Erasmus University has remarkably international environment and similar opening hours with these new buildings, in contrast to other places within Rotterdam and outside campus, International students are very welcomed and widely accepted to these jobs. Now, International students have made used of this opportunity and successfully received great offers.

In Sport building, the new gym and the cafeteria offer flexible jobs from being sport instructors to working behind the food court area. The new housing, U-building, has available jobs as Residential Assistance who will help assist living place and checking problems for students during the time they live in this building. Next, the heart of the campus, the Paviljon, also offers great job opportunities for every student if they already have one-year experience in the service sector. They can work behind the bar or as waiters or waitresses. In Paviljon, students will also find jobs available in marketing or event positions where they will take care of activities and events that usually happen in the theater and exhibition house of the building. Still, the most important new buildings are Spa supermarket and Foodcourt plaza where a large variety of jobs have been offered. In Spa supermarket, like any other supermarket outside campus, students can find jobs like shelf-arranging or working behind the counter. As we have found out, in Spa Supermarket, students are very well-paid; each student can earn on average 6 to 7 euro per hour. Last but not least, the best place to find an available job is Food court plaza. Located at this building are 6 restaurants which are Frozz & Oodlz, Has Doner Kebab, New Fork, Satebar, Starbucks and Tosti World. All of these restaurants have been looking for and training new employees since months before the Food Court Plaza was opened. However, there are often new jobs that are available every month. On average, depends on the restaurants and ages of the applicants, students can receive a salary from 5 to 8 euro per hour, which is a standard for a part-time job here in the Netherlands. Especially, students can choose which restaurants that fit their personalities. For example, Starbucks is different from Has, and Satebar is different from Frozz & Oodlz on the work environment.

What is special about working on campus is the working conditions are guaranteed and closely watched. Also, all the contracts and regulations are obeyed and well-prepared by restaurants and employers so students, especially international students, do not have to prepare or worry too much about all of the processes of application. With these conditions, working on campus seems to be one of the best opportunities that a student can get. What’s more, since the campus embraces high level of international backgrounds of student, International students will not have a hard time communicating to clients or getting over the language barrier. The best thing is that, since working on campus, students can also easily combine working, studying and transporting between two places. They can choose to work before class, between classes, or after class and go from class to work within few minutes or even few footsteps. In short, the working conditions of working on campus are perfect for International students despite whichever buildings or places they choose to work.

The best thing that can happen to International students by working on campus is the values and experiences that it offers. Many International students have not been able to look for a job before and have not had much experience in working in service sector. That is why these jobs will give them the opportunity to learn and experience the working environment and client services. They will also be trained by restaurants and employers in order to carry out the best job and reach their full potential. Anita, a first-year student who is working at Satebar, said that:” The experiences that I have received so far are valuable. I have never worked in a restaurant before, and this is a great opportunity for me to develop myself and get into real-life experiences”. However, not all good things come to students. Yao, an exchange student from China who is working at Spar, said that:”I have had a lot of struggles in getting used to the working routines here. In the first week, I made a lot of mistakes and had to get extra trainings from my boss, but I managed to improve myself, and everything is fine now.”

One of the biggest barriers that stop International students from approaching these jobs is themselves. Since there is no guidelines or promotional information about available jobs on campus, it is difficult for International students to know that there are opportunities waiting for them whereas Dutch students are used to knowing that in order to find a job, one usually need to actively approach the places and ask if there are any available part-time or full-time jobs. In order to better this situation, there should be more available guidelines available on campus in order to help International students on how to find and apply for these jobs. Only by this will International students will be more aware of how many great opportunities are offered to them right on Erasmus campus.

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