The Smartphone Society

Wherever you are, in a restaurant, in the train, in a club or even in the theaters, you see people consistently using their smartphones. And you are probably one of them. Are you lost? Simply pull out your smartphone and use Google Maps. Need to transfer some money? Open your bank app. Are you curious about how the weather is going to be like? Check out your weather app! Social media has revolutionized how we communicate with each other. And interpreting social media into smartphones made it possible for us to use it wherever we are and whenever we want. However, as a result this has affected real, human experiences and how we interact with each other. The smartphone is a gadget that many of us would feel lost without. Research has shown that we are so dependent on our mobile phones that we check them approximately every six-and-a-half minute. It has been stated that users are checking their smartphones an average of 150 during a waking day of 16 hours. Scientists even have found a relation between smartphones and stress, as users constantly check their messages and alerts. So is this “Smartphone Society” a good thing or not?


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