Away with the Culture of Mediocrity!

According to a recent European Survey by the Research for Education by the University of Maastricht, only 34 per cent of Dutch students indicated that they were aiming for the highest in their exams. This is by far the lowest percentage of the ten participating countries, of which the Spanish turned out to be the most ambitious, with 71 per cent, outdoing the Germans by a few percent. The study also found that the Dutch students do not spend as much time on their education as others do. With only 33 hours a week, the Dutch students occupy the second to last place.

This culture of mediocrity has become the norm – this needs to change! The Dutch economy is doing significantly worse than the German and Belgian economy and if we want to be able to compete again with them in the future, we have to want to be the best again. We as students are vital to the realization of economic growth and, in light of the national desire to become a knowledge economy, the demand for well educated graduates will rise. Therefore, a change of mind for Dutch students is needed. Do not settle for mediocrity, but reach to fulfill your full potential. The time is now!

Aron Kuisch for

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