IBCoMagazine for IBCoMmers

For a program like IBCoM, there needs to be a magazine as multinational as the program itself. IBCoMagazine is published every two months to update its readers who are both current and prospective IBCoM students as well as the staff. Just like IBCoM is made up of students from different nationalities and therefore distinct backgrounds and insights, IBCoMagazine will give them the chance to voice out their thoughts and experiences and share them with their fellow IBCoMmers or maybe even the future IBCoMmers who are seeking more information about the faculty and IBCoM student life in general.

This year IBCoMagazine has a brand new design and a new editorial team coming from different nationalities who are also second year or third year IBCoMmers. We decided to go to two of the editors, Julian Sonntag and Rei Raksanugraha, to ask about their experiences and opinions about IBCoMagazine.

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