Why study IBCoM? Studytrip to Curaçao!

International Bachelor of Communication and Media is a young and vibrant program that is becoming more and more popular among students every year. Apart from a great variety of interesting courses and extracurricular activities, there is one that is offered exclusively to IBCoM students- IBCoM Study Trip. In April, 2013, for the first time, students travelled to the island of Curaçao to challenge themselves with a new direction of their studies.  The trip is an exceptional opportunity for IBCoM students to apply their theoretical knowledge on practice. The trip combines both research practice and leisure in itself in order to provide the students with unforgettable experience. The research project involves a field research being done in Curaçao along with several rounds of interviews and presentations. Moreover, the students have a chance to publish their research project conducted in Curaçao with the support of the professors.

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