IBCoM is diversity

Within the ‘International Bachelor Communication and Media’, otherwise known as IBCoM, multinational diversity is what serves as the main characteristic of the study. It is never an uncommon sight for a year’s particular student group to be composed of students with dozens of different backgrounds with origins in various corners of the world. Some far, others closer to the Netherlands. Such diversity sets the foundation for a stage in which IBCOM students learn not only from lectures but also very much from one another as they learn about cultural differences and similarities and can learn from each other’s rich and diverse experience. From such an environment they are bound to emerge enriched in knowledge of the world around them that is to be the same world in which they will participate on a global level upon graduation. To be a student of IBCoM therefor means that you do not simply study at Erasmus in Rotterdam in the Netherlands, but in a worldly surrounding that prepares you for today’s globalized society.

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