Cinema and Society

Cinema has a great influence on societies worldwide. The idea behind it exemplifies the taken-for-granted undervalues contained within a society, as it portrays its historical, cultural, and social backgrounds. By studying cinema, students from different fields such as journalism, public relations, media and communication, as well as the other natural science fields can gain considerable knowledge from it. Likewise, the course of Cinema and Society has as its main goal to create a link between the international movie industry and the way people perceive society as a whole, by analyzing movies in an unprecedented and unique way. Students get to experience not only the storyline being told in the movies, but also the less postulated social and cultural values movies are inevitably embedded in.

Similarly, future students can take this, and many other relevant and current courses by enrolling to the International Bachelor Communication and Media program at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Finally, Cinema and Society is taught by Dr. Etienne F. Augé, a renowned Professor in the field of Film studies, Propaganda, Public relations, and Public diplomacy, making the subject one of the most popular and interesting choices for prospective students.

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