Dude, where’s my bike?

Our project, Dude Where’s My Bike, is a short documentary chronicling the well-known national social issue of bike theft in the Netherlands, based on investigative research we carried out in our home city of Rotterdam. Our objective was to look into bike theft and the circumstances through which it occurs.

Dude Where’s My Bike was a collaborative effort, not only as it was a product of teamwork, but in addition, our team reached out to local residents to help explore the phenomena. Included in the documentary are interviews which were held with bike theft victims who recounted their experiences. Furthermore, we interviewed the owner of a local bike store who shed light on the bike industry.

Corroborated through our interviews, our investigation led us to find that the cost of purchasing new bicycles was quite steep, and that public transportation could also be expensive for some, especially for foreigners, and in general, we found that it was more affordable to own a second hand bike to circulate around the city. Lastly, we were unable to find a concrete solution to the complex issue and resorted to provide some bike theft preventative measures.

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