Katendrecht 2.0

Do you feel home in your neighborhood? Do you have everything you need in your community? Imagine you are forced to give all that up just because the city and the major real estate company want to attract people with more money. In the documentary ‘Katendrecht 2.0’ we pointed the attention to an example neighborhood in Rotterdam where construction works have been going on since a few years. Lots of the old houses are being demolished, replaced with new ones or renovated, anyways always resulting in a 40% increase in rent. This means for a lot of people to move out and to look for another place to live since they cannot afford to pay the additional costs. This is not only an issue in Katendrecht, neither only in Rotterdam, but the same is happening in the whole Netherlands. According to Menno Janssen, who is very active in a counter initiative from the neighborhood of Nieuwe Crooswijk, the city wants to get rid of people who do not fit their favored target group and wants to improve the ‘image’ of the suburbs. However, by forcing the people to move to another place, the problem does not get solved.

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