I’m somewhat of a Lefty

Ilyas Boujdi is a 21-year-old student who breaks the myth that young people are not interested in politics. Not only does he support the Socialist Party (the SP), he is also a fulltime Communication student at Erasmus University Rotterdam. On top of that, he is currently running for a seat in city council.

Growing up in the small city of Oss, a town where a lot of prominent SP figures come from, Ilyas’ preference in politics might not come as a big surprise. However, he moved to Rotterdam for his education when he was 19 and is trying to continue his pursue for a better and more social Dutch community and government in the big city.

Leading up to the elections for city council on the 19th of March Ilyas faces the difficulties that come with political activism; meetings, campaigning, language barriers, debates, and political opponents – all on top of the usual study load.


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