Biertje? Small Brewery Survival

Today, beer is the most enjoyed beverage worldwide. Heineken is one of the biggest beer suppliers in the world and the absolute leader on the Dutch market. However, the small breweries that were once prominent in the Netherlands are now believed to become almost extinct. Before the Second World War there were more than 40 breweries in Rotterdam. Nowadays, De Pelgrim is the only small-scale brewery remaining in the city. However, it still manages to survive and attract customers. Moreover, Locus Publicus is a very popular bar in Rotterdam that provides people with a great variety of special beers. Surprisingly, Heineken is not the most popular choice of people who come there for a pint of beer. Here comes the question: is it really the case that small breweries have no way to survive in today’s beer market and compete with the large beer conglomerates?

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