Keep Streets Alive

Street music is an indispensable part of any city and especially of such a culturally rich city as The Hague. However, in the spring of 2013 a law was introduced that prohibited musicians from playing in the streets of The Hague. The law caused a public outcry among both musicians and citizens of the city. A group of local street musicians organized a movement, “Keep Streets Alive”, in order to fight the ban.

Musicians participating in the movement as well as its founder, Richard Morris, have a lot to share on the issue and the effects that the movement had on the city authorities. They also talk about street music as art and the purposes of street music in general. Some musicians say they enjoy playing in the streets partially as their music is “making some kind of shine on [people’s] day”.

Music can bring people joy and make them forget their troubles. It can bring people together and change their lives. The world needs street musicians as they make music easily available for the public.

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