Sitting is Suicide

Would you ever believe that one of your usual habits could eventually cause you to die sooner? You probably won’t. Therefore, this documentary tries to make you aware of the dangerous habit called ‘sitting’; maybe we are just in time to save your life. Without realizing it, you sit a great amount of time on a daily basis. While relaxing on the couch or sitting at work, you do not think about the effects this habit has on your health. However, one should definitely not underestimate the danger of sitting as much as we do today. Two credible sources help us explain why sitting is bad for you, and what it actually does to your body. To help you change your dangerous lifestyle, we have included several easy solutions. These small adjustments can increase your life and improve your health. We guarantee you that while watching, you will feel squirmy and staying seated until the end of the documentary will be extremely hard…


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