A Cineramic Experience

Over the past century, Rotterdam has seen cinema theatres come and go. Many of these cinema theatres have either been demolished, bombed in World War II, or even redeveloped in to nightclubs. “A Cineramic Experience” takes you on an investigative journey, showcasing one particular theatre in Rotterdam, namely ‘Cinerama.’ Positioned very close to the city centre on the Westblaak, Cinerama is considered one of the smaller theatres in Rotterdam. Problematically, its positioning thus finds the theatre competing with cineplexes such as the Pathé at Schouwburgplein.

No cinema in Rotterdam has what Cinerama has to offer. With film-related artwork painting its walls, preview nights that showcase the latest movies, live music, and even specific-audience tailored events that are pleasing both aesthetically and content-wise, Cinerama provides its customers with an unforgettable social excursion. But questions do remain. Are people aware of what Cinerama has to offer? And do people in Rotterdam even know of Cinerama? Most importantly, can Cinerama survive in the long run? Watch and find out.

By Balder Lysen, Anasthasya Mathilda, Thomas Mead



A 22 year old student at Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, Thomas currently studies communication and media.

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