ICTs and Education: a Norm?

Technology in all forms is nowadays an integral part of our daily life. However, ICTs are still not as commonly accepted and implemented as learning tools in education. They are still largely seen as a distraction for students, especially for those younger ones who go to high school and whose interests supposedly revolve around video games or Facebook.

In contrast to these perceptions, Helen Parkhurst, situated in the Dutch town of Almere, is an example of an educational institution which highly encourages the use of ICTs in the classroom. What is more, the school‘s whole learning ideology (called the Dalton plan) is based on giving students more freedom in their studies and aims to teach them how to be independent.

In order for this method to be effective, teachers make sure to provide guidance for their students as well as the children‘s parents as to which technologies are suitable for the classroom. Most importantly, the people involved with Helen Parkhurst are striving for further improvement of their learning opportunities. The enthusiasm – both of teachers and students, when talking about the school‘s practices, shows that this is something worth exploring.

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