Cycling with smartphones

Cycling with smartphones- the modern epidemic in the Netherlands. Although the Dutch have created some of the most bike safe streets in the world, with the spread of smartphones the traffic situation became insecure. In recent years, not only the smartphone use has seen a significant increase but also the number of serious road injuries, with cyclists being the largest group. The use of smartphones plays a role in one of the 10 bicycle accidents with injuries, which is even twice as high for younger cyclists. Research suggests that the risk of a traffic incident increases dramatically if someone is distracted on the road. Cycling with one hand on the handlebars, typing a message with the other while listening to music and still trying to keep an eye on the busy traffic- all this has become everyday practice. Yet, such behavior undoubtedly creates a dangerous traffic environment in which people do not pay attention to the road. Smartphone use interferes with visual, auditory, cognitive and kinaesthetic processes which negatively affects the cycling performance. Studies have shown that texting on smartphones, listening to music, and calling – all have negative impact on cycling performance, and these effects are much larger than with a conventional phone.

Be smarter on your smartphones and ensure safety for you and other people!



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