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August 2017
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On a Hunt for Culture

Since 2012 up till this day, The Netherlands are suffering from government budget cuts which mostly reflected on the Healthcare and Cultural sector. The latter is supported much less in general, and is not the primary need for people, however the government often tends to forget how many people depend on this particular sector and how many artists are suffering from the recent cuts made by the Dutch government. Artists lose jobs or are forced to switch to another profession, cultural venues lose funding hence they have no other option but to close down and people are simply demotivated to pursue their lives in culture oriented jobs and are made to care about it less and less.

“I think it should be valued more by people, and I think that being valued by the government is a consequence of that.” This is what a person asked on the street replied after being asked if he thinks the government should invest and care more about the cultural sector. Due to the fact that cultural sector is gradually disappearing, one could state that the society should be more aware of the issue and show people how complex it is to survive in the world of art where the government is not keen in helping you to live through it and let alone seek for a career in the Netherlands. This is why the city of Rotterdam went on a hunt for culture.

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