Apple: beyond the hype & the product

Apple is a company we cannot escape; not only is it one of the most profitable brands with huge amounts of revenue each year, it seems to go far beyond being merely a phone or a computer. Customers are prepared to stand in line for hours for the newest product, whether it is a phone, computer, or even a new operating system. Normally we would expect this type of ‘fan-behaviour’ with the release of a new book or a film, but Apple has evolved itself to a brand with an actual following.
Firstly we will give a brief introduction about the company that is Apple Inc, and explain what their goals are as to what they want to be in terms of their products and their brand. Then we move on to a more important question: what does Apple mean to people? We asked Apple users on the street whether they would classify themselves as a fan, and what makes Apple better over their competitors. Furthermore we have an in-depth interview with Arjan, assistant-manager of the A-mac store in Rotterdam, they are the official retailer of Apple in the Netherlands.

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