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October 2017
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Zuid of the Ordinary – 010 or 112?

People, before coming to Rotterdam for the first time, often hear about the dangers that await in “the Netherlands’ most dangerous city”. Once you have set foot into the city, you will realize quite quickly that, despite all the bad stories about culture clashes and violence, Rotterdam is a fantastic place to be. That being said, even those who have lived in Rotterdam for elongated periods of time will often regard to the South of Rotterdam as a place you don’t want to visit, especially not on your own. Although we had heard these exact things various times, we set out to get to the bottom of the matter and clarify whether the South of Rotterdam actually is the way it is often portrayed as.
The feature documentary “Zuid of the ordinary – 010 or 112?” tries to determine how life in the South looks from the perspective of those who have chosen to live here. By conducting interviews with locals and showing life across the Maas, the documentary aims to change the negative perception of the South and to create a certain interest in gaining deeper knowledge in those who so far have not taken a closer look by themselves.
Rotterdam South is a multicultural area ranging from densely populated districts to peaceful suburbs and nature. The many different nationalities that can be found in the South contribute to its upbeat and diverse flair. Rather than blindly believing the media coverage of the South, people should rather dare to cross the river and to create an own opinion. 

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