Rotterdam is internationally known for its party scene, especially among students. Being one of the largest cities in the Netherlands, it is also known for its liberal drugs policies. Weed is legal, and often functions as a gateway drug to many other – illegal – substances such as cocaine and amphetamines. How do these two add up together? It is obvious that using drugs can be very dangerous, but some circumstances in the clubbing scene make it even worse.

When using drugs (both soft and hard drugs), it is essential to stay hydrated because your body needs to compensate for all the excessively burnt energy. Through information on policies, research, current circumstances and various interviews with both people from the party scene and a professional from the medical field. All of this supports our claim that there should be free access to water in all clubs.


Christie Doolan
Vera van Duuren
Julia Hajek
Hanna Maria Hütterman

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