Rotterdam: Defective escalators cause delay in Maastunnel

On the 9th of March 2014 the city of Rotterdam closed three out of four escalators of the southern entrance/exit of the Maastunnel. Everyone who uses the Maastunnel by bike or walking was faced with delays. Due to poor communication of the city, many people are not aware that the escalators are not working. As a result people are surprised, annoyed and frustrated by the delays that could take more than 10 minutes of their time. Everyone is advised to make use of the Erasmus bridge or Willems bridge but these can be very far away depending on one’s destination. With the good weather of the last days, delays became even worse considered that more people were biking to work/school/university/… The IBCoM-Motion news team went to the Maastunnel and reported what is happening over there.

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