VVD party posters cause uproar in Rotterdam

The Municipal elections are coming up on the 19th of March. Parties have been working hard on their campaigns. One of the VVD parties campaigns was the posters that were placed all over Rotterdam stating “ In Rotterdam spreken we Nederlands”.

On the weekend controversy arose from these posters. Citizens were writing on them to show their annoyance.

Some citizens were upset by these posters so they crossed out Nederlands and wrote “Met elkaar” which means together. Instead of it saying in the Netherlands we speak Dutch it now says in the Netherlands we speak together.

A poll was taken after this controversy arose. In the poll it showed majority of citizens were for the statement.

Then there were some citizens who turned these posters into a joke showing they did not really care what the VVD party had to say. The jokers of the city crossed out the banen and replaced it with bier on the sign that says “Minder regels meer banen” . This now reads less rules more Beer.

Its important to see what the city of Rotterdam really thinks and it will be interesting to see how the election turns out on the 19th.


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