Student house ditches old locks with little notice

Tenants of the Erasmus International House (I-House) run by Short Stay accommodation (SSH), in Kralingen, Rotterdam, had recently been notified that there would be a scheduled lock and key change in the whole building. Tenants were urged via Facebook and email messages to collect their new key between the time they were notified on Thursday the 6th of March in time for Monday the 10th of March.

With only four days to retrieve their new keys and be made aware of the lock change Short Stay accommodation have cut it short. However, tenants did not seem to be disrupted by the last minute news and have appeared to be efficient in completing the process.

Most of the tenants received notifications on the key change via Facebook, this news was well received and tenants appreciate the thought. An international student and tenant of the I-House Natalie Fleming, states, “I don’t check my email, so I’m glad they thought to Facebook us…” Other tenants agree that Facebook is a convenient source of information and are lucky to have received the information of the lock change from the medium as it is more likely they will be notified, and quickly.



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