Tedx speakers inspire EUR students

Tedx Erasmus University is a students’ initiative to share inspiring ideas and challenge common held beliefs. The first edition of the conference took place on Thursday, March the 6th. The event took place in the Paviljon Theatre and was a huge success. As the tickets were limited and sold out after 10 minutes, only few could watch it live. The rest could stream the event or watch or in the C building on a big screen. There were 7 different speakers (including two Ibcom professors) who discussed ideas relating to four different topics: health, wealth, culture and governance. It is no coincidence, as those four fields are also Erasmus University’s pillars. People from the audience could tweet their questions to the host of the event after every speech. Then, the speakers would answer the most interesting questions and provide more insights about their work or ideas. Lastly, once the event ended, there was a social drink in the cafeteria where both the audience and the speakers could interact with a glass of wine.

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