Rotterdam: All eyes on Markthal

Rotterdam, is the modern city of the Netherlands, and for October 2014 a new building is scheduled that will be the new shiny crazy building at Blaak.

Rotterdam always has some new projecst for the public in construction, this time all eyes are on the “Markthal”, a modern market-hall, with the idea of making shopping and eating an experience rather than a daily duty. The market-hall is getting closer to its finalization, already showing most parts of the facade and windows. It promises many benefits to the public, including all kinds of delicacies and a supermarket, 228 Apartments, biggest parking space in the city, many job opportunities and it will be open 7 days a week.

A spokesman from the information centre at Blaak gives more insight, on the current news concerning the progress and the economical situation of the “Markthal”.


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