New Rotterdam Station inaugurated

13th of March 2014, after 6 long years since 2008, the new Rotterdam central station is ready to open. It all started when the role as a transport hub was given connecting numerous regional and international journeys. The old station was just not big enough to manage the larger scale. In addition, big skyscrapers were built near the station as a result of modernisation such as the Nationaale Nederlanden contrasted to the size of the old station.  The regional government and the train company decided to rebuild the station from the scratch. In 2008, the old station building was demolished leaving tears. And in 2014, the 6-year-long project has come to an end and its official opening is within days. According to Jeroen Ruitenbeek, a urban designer at PALMBOUT Urban Landscapes, he says the main difference between the old and the new building is the big open space in front of the station that gives a clear view of the city compared to the past when the view was blocked by building and tram stations. He mentioned that he is curious of how the big space will be used. After 6 years of endurance, the citizens of Rotterdam are now able to make use of the renewed big station within days.

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