Rotterdam ready for royal Central Station opening

12 Mar 2014, Rotterdam — Preparations are being made for King Willem-Alexander who shall officially open the doors to the new, redeveloped Rotterdam Central Station at 2pm on the 13th of March. With the King presenting the refined Stationsplein, the event is of great relevance to the Rotterdam populace. King Willem-Alexander has so far not roamed the city of Rotterdam, making upcoming Thursday’s central station opening an eagerly anticipated event for all Rotterdammers. Notwithstanding is the significance of the event for Rotterdam. It marks a new era through the city’s hub of travel, indicating to incoming and outgoing travellers that Rotterdam is modern, clean, and even social through the station’s new look.

As such, workers are to be found left, right and centre in and around the station’s hall, sprucing up the area and applying finishing touches. Maintenance includes the setting up of a podium for the expected celebratory events, the installation of high quality audio speakers within the area, and quite naturally, a general cleanup of the vicinity.

Rotterdam Central station has been in development since 2009 and is the largest planned renewal of an NS station since its existence over 175 years ago. The station was originally scheduled to be completed by 2012, but redevelopment had stalled after complications with resource distributors and other unforeseen circumstances. A 5 years later, the station and its surrounding area is receiving its final touches, signaling the completion of its long and arduous transformation for over 110,000 daily passengers.




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